About ACFT

Our business model is centralized in facilitate foreign inventors in establish their manufacturing operation in Mexico with the intention of profit grow, quality manufacturing and logistics service.

We provide our customers with the option to manufacture under AC Foreign Mexican legal entity the clients own legal entity, with the full support of AC Foreign trade all inclusive administration services, that include but not limited to:

  • Human Resources & personnel Recruiting.
  • Accounting & Fiscal Compliance.
  • Import Export & International Trade.
  • Government & Environmental Compliance.
  • Local Sourcing.
  • Site Selection.

Working under a shelter business model does not limit your company to have your own Brand & Culture in fact we promote your business to have your own identity internally and externally. This will create and engagement with your employees. Has AC Foreign trade we focus on exceptional administration and compliance management support.

Shelter model:

When a foreign company has made the decision, start is manufacturing operation in Mexico, the maquila Shelter model is common practice. This opportunity to new inventors in Mexico allows a fast set up with legal representation under AC Foreign trade in Mexico. Our shelter services give new companies a soft-landing sport in Mexico.

The shelter concept is an excellent option tool to start up manufacturing operations in Mexico fast and hassle free.