Moving or expanding to a foreign country might be overwhelming and tedious, that is why many companies are taking advantages of the shelter programs leaving the administration of their operation in hands of the experts and leaving them to focus on their main activity: Production.

Our shelter program gives our clientes complete control on their operations without the hustle of the administrative duties.

We provide in house personnel to deliver a direct aid to our clients, creating a team that is focus in the success of your operations.

Our experts will lead the way in accommodating all the needs require to initiate production in short period of time.

ACFT team is dedicated to assuring the success of your company ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for your employees.

Benefits under Shelter Program

  1. Flexibility on how to operate in Mexico: incorporated or not Incorporated
  2. No entrance or exit fee at the termination of your contract (with coordinated exit strategies)
  3. Fast and worry-free start-up operations vs. Independent corporation.
  4. Billing transparency & no mark ups on purchasing in Mexico (pass-through cost)
  5. Full Compliance Assistance: fiscal, customs, labor and environmental (no red tape and no administrative risk or liabilities)
  6. Full administrative support: it will allow you to concentrate 100% on your manufacturing operation.